YouTube Video Recorder

Want to save your favorite YouTube video on your computer and watch it anytime without being connected to the Internet or even watch the videos on other devices?

“Our YouTube video recorder lets you do just that. With only 2 clicks of your mouse you can capture any video and save it on your PC and play it back anytime. You can record sound and even add music or your voice. The steps are easy. You select the region size you want to record and click the record button. You can even record a full screen YouTube video. Not only that, but you get HD quality videos. No need to spend hundreds of dollars when you get professional screen capture video software for a fraction of the price.” – Easy Screen Capture Video 3.0 – Pro-Edition

Pro Edition

check Create Videos with 2 Clicks

check Special Effects

check Various file options .avi .swf. .flv

check HD Quality Videos

check Screen Captions

check Drag n Drop Images

check Add layouts to Your Videos

check Complete Video Editing

check Free AVI to FLV converter

Easy Screen Capture Video 3.0 – Pro Edition – Only $49.95

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  • Record any size region on your computer
  • Capture a pre-defined region or your PCs full screen
  • Record windows, buttons, toolbar, controls & other objects
  • Capture scrolling windows and entire web pages
  • Record games and movies
  • You can include your mouse cursor in the video
  • Add your voice, sound or music
  • Record from your microphone or speakers
  • Record a video using your web-cam
  • Records anything on your PC screen
  • Records your voice and your speakers
  • Records your Webcam
  • Add Screen Captions
  • Drag n drop images to your recordings
  • Create a layout image libary for your videos
  • Produce HD quality videos
  • Save as AVI (to upload to sites like YouTube
  • or save as SWF (to upload to your website)

Works with all Windows

Perfect for creating online video tutorials, manuals, training handouts, presentations and marketing videos.

With version 2 you can record your voice from the microphone or record audio/music from speakers. We have step-by-step videos to show you how and additional free software if you need multiple audio tracks.

Check out the different videos you can create below.

(Note: These videos have been converted to .flv to reduce file size. The AVI to FLV converter is yours free with your order.)

Teach Train
google excel
Sell Entertain
ebay games
When you scroll down the page you will see that we have earned more awards than any other video capture software and you can also read what our customers have to say about us.And if you ever have any questions, need help or have a suggestion, just let us know. Our Customer Service Center is only a click away.So, why not download the free trial and try out our awarding winning software for free? Want to create mulitple audio and music tracks with your video? You also get a Free Music Audio Editor in addition to the free AVI to FLV converter just for trying out the free trial.

Award Winning Software

We are proud to display some of the awards we have earned. We have worked hard for you to provide not only easy to use software, but software that produces high quality results. We want to thank our customers and internet webmasters for the continued support, recognition and advertising so that we can continue to offer great recording software at a great price for all our customers.

Easy Screen Capture Video Awards

You do not need to be a video pro. Simply choose a pre-defined region, fixed region or the full screen and start recording. Give your video presentation a different look by choosing what your mouse will look like from over 30 custom curser images available. You can change the size of the highlighted area and also choose the shape to use. When you’re finished just save your work and the player will even automatically play the video if you want. Check out all the top quality features like screen highlights, program options, autopanning, plus many more. Download the fully functional free trial of this Screen Capture software and don’t forget to check out some of the great features. You can actually see how it works online. The recorded demos will play on RealMedia, Quick Time or Windows Media.

Why Pay Hundreds? Order Easy Screen Capture Video 3.0 Pro Edition, today.